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Increase number of returned objects in Service Provider Foundation

I was working with Service Provider Foundation (SPF) at a customer and noticed that I didn’t get all objects returned when I did a query against the SPF. So I started to search the web why it only returned 500 … Continue reading

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Azure Pack Websites FTP

I had a customer that had issues with their Azure Pack websites setup. They could not connect to the FTP for files and logs. After some investigation I found that the FTP passive ports where not configured. This means that … Continue reading

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SCOM management pack importer

After a couple of SCOM installations and upgrades where I need to import management packs I thought that a script would be nice to do this so I don’t have to check if the management pack is imported or not … Continue reading

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Import Hotfix Script

My friend Markus at has a great list of hotfixes that’s good to have in your datacenter if you run Microsoft infrastructure. He also has a script that’s starts Internet Explorer and makes it easier to import the hotfixes … Continue reading

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SCOM Mail Notification

I hade a customer that wanted to get mail notifications from SCOM and the default mail channel isn’t the best in formatting and giving you the right information. So after some looking around I’ve found this great PowerShell script ( … Continue reading

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Windows Azure Pack websites publisher database connection failed

We hade some issues with our web publishers in Windows Azure Pack (WAP) after we installed windows patches. Our publisher servers in WAP websites just ran auto repair without success. The error we got was the following: Error      9/20/2016 6:04:15 … Continue reading

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Windows Azure Pack upgrade issues

I’ve run in to two cases where Windows Azure Pack (WAP) started to act strange after an upgrade. After some investing I’ve found that the WAP databases where not upgraded, in both cases they where still in UR 6 version … Continue reading

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