Increase number of returned objects in Service Provider Foundation

I was working with Service Provider Foundation (SPF) at a customer and noticed that I didn’t get all objects returned when I did a query against the SPF. So I started to search the web why it only returned 500 object. After no luck I started to look trough the SPF configuration and found the setting in the web.config file in inetpub\SPF\SC2012R2\VMM folder there is a value you can set:


So if you want more objects returned increase the value “maxResults” to a number that fits your needs. In my example below I’ve increased the max returned objects to 5000:

“<EntitySet name=”*” maxResults=”5000” />”

After you change the value you need to restart the IIS application VMM before the new value is loaded in the IIS application.

I hope this can help some of you that work with SPF


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