Azure Pack Websites FTP

I had a customer that had issues with their Azure Pack websites setup. They could not connect to the FTP for files and logs.

After some investigation I found that the FTP passive ports where not configured. This means that the FTP service uses Windows default TCP/IP dynamic port range (1024 through 65535) and opening all those ports in the firewall seems a bit unnecessary.

So to configure the passive ports you do the following:

  1. On the publisher server open IIS Manager
  2. Select your publisher server in the connections tree on the left
  3. Then open “FTP Firewall Support”
  4. In the “Data Channel Port Range:” type in the passive ports you want to use.
  5. In the “External IP Address of Firewall:” type in the external IP of your publisher
  6. Click apply and then restart the FTP service (FTPSVC)

After this configuration is completed you need to open the same passive ports on your external firewall.

I hope this can help those of you that don’t want to have all the dynamic ports open in your firewall for your azure pack websites.


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