Windows Azure Pack websites publisher database connection failed

We hade some issues with our web publishers in Windows Azure Pack (WAP) after we installed windows patches.

Our publisher servers in WAP websites just ran auto repair without success. The error we got was the following:

Error      9/20/2016 6:04:15 PM   Failed to run operation ‘RunRemote’.  Operation failed to complete.

Failed to run method ‘Microsoft.Web.Farm.Runtime.Providers.CreateRoleContainerRemoteMethod’ on server ‘Publisher01’.  Exception in response stream

Microsoft.Web.Hosting.WebHostingException: Login failed for user ‘Hosting_SecurePublisher’. —> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Login failed for user ‘Hosting_SecurePublisher’.

When I started to look on the issue I ran the following commands on the WAP websites controller server to get information about the IIS database connections:

Add-PSSnapin Web*
$manager = new-object Microsoft.Web.Hosting.SiteManager
$manager.ConnectionContexts | ft ConnectionName, ConnectionString –Wrap

The command returns the following:


There you will get the database connection string with the password in clear text for each connection.

I logged in to my SQL server and started SQL Management Studio and tried to log in to the database with the username and password in the SecurePublishers connection string and that did not work.

So to solve the problem I logged in to the database on my SQL server with my admin account and changed the password for the SQL user Hosting_SecurePublisher to the same password as in the connection string, in my case: Password

After I’ve changed the password the publishers auto repair completed and the publisher started working again.

I hope that this will help those that have issues with WAP website publishers.


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1 Response to Windows Azure Pack websites publisher database connection failed

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks, had the exact same issue. resetting the password worked like a charm.

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